Work Anniversary Cards


Shrimp platters, champagne bottles, and gracious cards reminding that special someone—or someones—how happy you are for them.  That’s what we love about anniversaries. That’s what anniversaries are all about.

But shopping for the right personalised anniversary cards can be tough. Is it for a couple you’ve known your whole life? Best friends or coworkers? Are they celebrating 5, 10, or 15 years? All of these questions affect the appearance and the message of the card. Celebrate with the right card and you’re a hero. Celebrate with the wrong card and you look silly. Maybe you’ll look worse than silly. Come to think of it, shopping for work anniversary cards is harder than we thought!

Luckily for you, there’s Hammond Greeting and Promotions, your go-to for all your anniversary card needs. Here you’ll find the perfect card for the occasion—wedding anniversaries, company anniversaries, anniversary milestones that you want to share with that staunchly loyal client who you’ve been out to countless business lunches with. They each have the perfect card here at Hammond. And that perfect card is easier to find than ever before, with all of our cards laid out right here on a single page.

Need it personalized? You bet! makes it easy to personalize any of our work anniversary cards. Simply pick a card you like, and type in your message. You can personalize as many cards as you’d like—a single card for that special couple, or a hundred personalised anniversary cards for those important employee milestones. You just tell us what you need, and we’ll have it ordered up and in your hands in no time.

Don’t forget—Hammond is here to help! Simply call us or request a live chat session if you have a question. And of course, happy anniversary card shopping!


You've Been With Us For How Long?

100 quantity / $1.59 each

In The Stars Anniversary Card

100 quantity / $1.61 each

Streamers & Confetti Anniversary Cards

100 quantity / $2.00 each

Written In The Stars Anniversary Cards

100 quantity / $1.71 each

Vibrant Anniversary

100 quantity / $1.59 each

Wavy Of Wishes

100 quantity / $1.04 each

In Celebration Anniversary Card

100 quantity / $1.61 each

Happy Anniversary Flourishes

100 quantity / $1.59 each

Assorted Wishes Anniversary Card

100 quantity / $2.15 each

Anniversary Streamers

100 quantity / $2.00 each

Anniversary In Copper

100 quantity / $1.04 each

Anniversary Confetti

100 quantity / $2.01 each

Damask Balloons Anniversary Card

100 quantity / $1.85 each

Swirling Wishes Anniversary Card

100 quantity / $2.30 each

Stars & Swirls Anniversary Card

100 quantity / $2.15 each

Anniversary In Olive

100 quantity / $1.59 each

Pastel Anniversary Swirls

100 quantity / $1.59 each