Improve Employee Onboarding with Branded Office Supplies and Greeting Cards

Have you ever booked a hotel room or purchased a product only to find it doesn’t match the brochure or the pictures? That’s how new employees can feel when your internal brand doesn’t match the external brand.

You probably do a great job recruiting employees, picking out the ones you want and selling them on your company. Chances are, though, that there may be more work to do when they “punch in” for the first time. So, consider the following potential frustrations when onboarding new folks:

Frustration 1 – Not Having the Basic Tools. An employee who spends days trying to get passwords, e-mail access, business cards and office supplies will start off unproductive and annoyed.

To avoid this frustration, get a small team together to walk through the process, take notes and get an action plan. Better yet, have some newer employees advise the onboarding team. To really wow a new hire, consider a gift basket with branded office essentials such as pens, a mug, padfolio and business card holder. Give your onboarding team the funding for this and they’ll love the planning process.

Frustration 2 – Not Knowing Names. Chances are, new employees will be so overwhelmed with new information, they will not remember the names of who they’ve met. A basic, comprehensive employee list will work wonders. Don’t forget to include names, titles, contact information, and photos. Adding a small personal blurb about each employee will get the ice broken faster.

Frustration 3 – Feeling Left Behind. Your new employees bring valuable experience from previous employers or life experiences. It’s valuable to harvest these insights and helps the employees feel valuable in their first days and weeks. Asking, “how did you do this at your previous job?” opens the door. Also, schedule a meeting after the first month or so between the employee and executive to get feedback about the onboarding experience, the company culture, insights on how to improve processes, etc.

Frustration 4 – Not Feeling Valued. New employees are bound to feel overwhelmed and behind the curve. Sincere, hand-written thank-you cards from managers always mean so much to new employees. Make sure you have plenty of thank-you cards and home addresses handy. Don’t forget to include specific examples in your cards.

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