Promotional Materials & Advertising Products: Getting the Bang for Your Buck

Chances are that you’ll be attending a few trade shows or events, which can be a boon for your business. But beware, make these common mistakes and you’ll be wasting your marketing dollars when ordering promotional products.

  1. Over/under ordering. Order too much and you might be stuck with product for years to come, but order too little and you run the risk of leaving potential customers disappointed. So how do you figure out just how much promotional product to order?

The first answer is in doing your homework before ordering your promotional materials. Most recurring trade shows and events track past event attendance and can give you an idea of potential attendance. You can also ask to contact past exhibitors who don’t compete in your area for more information.

The second answer comes from defining your purpose. If spreading the word is your priority, aka ‘general branding’, then consider less expensive products at higher quantities. However, if you want to generate leads, consider going with more expensive, higher-quality promotional items and requiring visitors to give you their contact information in exchange. Want something a little more memorable than advertising products? You can offer a raffle-type giveaway in lieu of or in addition to promotional materials where you later notify the winner via e-mail or phone call.

  1. Being too event-specific. Always consider ordering promotional products that have uses outside of a specific event. The right product can be effective at an event but generic enough to use as employee or new customer gifts.
  2. Getting too cute. Sure, you want to draw folks to your booth, but don’t sacrifice relevance for creativity. Your giveaways would relate to your brand, products and services and serve as a reminder of your company once the attendee gets home.
  3. Not including your contact information. Promotional materials that are utilitarian will get used and viewed by potential customers. They should act as calling cards for your business by having a phone number or Web site.
  4. Ordering products off a random Web site. Chances are, your competitors are doing the same and you run the risk of duplication. Hammond Greetings will make sure to get you a unique, cost-effective promotional product that will get you noticed and remembered. Explore our advertising products today!

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