Creating a Card-sending Culture

Of course I’m biased, but I strongly believe that sending cards is extremely important in today’s business environment. It truly sets folks apart from competitors, engenders so much good will and is essential to building employee loyalty. So why cards?

  • They set you apart. In today’s fast-paced business environment, so few companies take the time to “slow down” and send cards. Because of their relative rarity, cards make a huge impact on the receivers.
  • They hit the heart. Whether they came at difficult times to encourage or to celebrate wonderful milestones, cards have tugged at heartstrings and embedded themselves in folks’ psyches. These feelings get stoked whenever someone receives a new card.
  • They are always welcome. No one I know has ever resented receiving a card. There’s nothing but upside in sending cards.
  • They are relatively inexpensive. In comparison to other marketing and loyalty measures, cards can be a huge bang for your buck.


So, if cards are so powerful, why don’t more companies send them? There are plenty of excuses for ignoring the practice of sending cards. Luckily, though, the practice can be quickly and easily started and maintained. Consider the following suggestions in creating a card-sending culture at your company.

  • Establish expectations. Determine who in your organization will be regularly sending cards and to whom. Thank-you notes to employees should be considered a must.
  • Notice, notice, notice. The best card senders are constantly noticing the needs and accomplishments of those with whom they engage. A simple spreadsheet to log reasons for sending cards helps prompt the memories.
  • Set a regular time each week. Create a weekly calendar meeting for sending cards. Do not schedule over the time and consider creating a work-group of folks who will be sending cards.
  • Establish accountability. Whatever gets measured and reported gets done, so make sure those who send cards are regularly reporting their results. Competitions and rewards can be fun, but are not a substitute for good old-fashioned accountability.

Get the resources. Cards, pens, stamps and addresses are essential to the process, so have them readily available.


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