The Welcome Card – A First Impression that Lasts

After having secured the new contract, nabbed the new client or recruited the new employee, you may be tempted to move on to the next challenge. But, the most strategic organizations realize there’s still work to be done – a sincere, warm welcome.

The common saying that first impressions last is true here. Whether you want to welcome new employees or new customers, your associates are putting their time, money and reputations into your trust. A warm welcome can curb buyer’s remorse, establish a strong initial connection and show from the start that the relationship is one you will be nurturing. A simple welcome card can help a new employee at home, at ease, and appreciated.



A new employee faces a long list of challenges including anxieties about fitting in, remembering new names and faces and learning new systems. To help ease the pain, consider the following:

An initial card sent to the employee’s home. For the greatest impression, have the owner or president sign it along with the employee’s direct manager. Keep the message brief, positive and full of hope.

A welcome kit on the employee’s first day. Include needed items like a pen, notebook, mug and handout with answers to common questions.

Along with the welcome card, a directory of employees with names, photos, titles and contact information. A brief get-to-know-you blurb about each employee is a nice touch.

A welcoming committee that plans and implements the onboarding activities. The committee should consist of energetic folks from different departments.



Customers also face anxieties during the “honeymoon” stage including questions about the relationship, the quality of the work and responsiveness of the service. Make sure to not just welcome new employees, but customers as well. A card signed by the president/owner and the primary contact establishes you as a credible and insightful resource. Include anything that will help the customer moving forward i.e. business cards of the most important company contacts, coupons, discounts, etc along with your welcome card.

If your budget permits, consider a welcome gift with your brand that applies to the product or service. If the gift is useful, it will keep your new customer’s eyes on your brand.

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