Congratulations Messages, Greeting Cards and the Art of Noticing

Life in the business world moves at a frantic pace. The to-do lists get longer, goals get more intense and requests pile up almost at the speed of light. So, taking the time to congratulate those we work with and who buy from us can seem downright impossible.

With every challenge comes opportunity. Meaningful cards that say congratulations on your job can provide chances to connect with our most important contacts in a way our competitors are just too busy to do.

John Grisgby, who spent 40 years in the educational sector, served as superintendent for six different school districts and now works in the private sector for Studies Weekly (one of our customers), swears by congratulations messages.

“If it’s a really important achievement or I really want to make a connection, I’ll send a hand-written note,” John said. “I stopped using electronic cards because people wouldn’t open them.”

The writing and sending of the cards may be the easiest part. The most difficult part is taking the time to notice and document accomplishments.

John put time and thought into collecting kudos. He scanned newspaper articles, made mental notes when walking the halls of schools, maintained a list of employee birthdays and even sent thank-you notes and congratulations greeting cards to mentors upon his retirement from the public education system.

Want to send congratulations messages? Follow these tips to have your card be more than just fancy paper.

Noticing Tips

  • Do electronic surveillance – regularly scan customers’ Web sites or Facebook pages for news, accomplishments, awards and promotions.
  • Be curious – when visiting customers notice what awards, photos and other clues are displayed. Ask questions about them and make mental notes in order to get a personalized congratulations on your job Even personal photos in offices may lead to discussions on personal news like anniversaries, upcoming births, competitive pursuits, etc.
  • Cultivate sources – make friends with the office “gossip” and check in regularly for updates.
  • Remember company anniversaries – make a spreadsheet of your most valuable customers and when they opened their doors. Send annual congratulations messages acknowledging another successful year.
  • Make notes – when you have a moment alone, jot down your discoveries. Even the best memories fade during the work day, so don’t depend on your brain alone.

Once you’ve done the investigating, let us help you with the rest. Check out our line of congratulations greeting cards perfect for any occasion.

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