What to Write: Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes, Wishes – A Valuable but Risky Proposition

What to Write: Get Well Soon Messages, Quotes, Wishes – A valuable but risky proposition

Get Well cards in the workplace can be tricky. Medical issues are highly personal and sometimes very sensitive in nature. If you overdo it, you can come across as meddling and offensive. If you underdo it, you are an insensitive jerk. So, consideration and tact are essential.


When considering consideration, the following questions might help:

  • How did you find out about the illness? If you’ve found out directly from the convalescing employee, then send away. If not, consider the source and respond accordingly.
  • What is your relationship to the ill employee? When considering your get well soon messages, ask yourself: Do you regularly chat with him or her about personal issues like family, faith, etc.? Do you regularly interact with each other? Do you know this person’s preference regarding privacy?
  • What is the nature of the illness? Is it a common illness, condition or procedure? Is it something unexpected?
  • Would you avoid calling the person to wish them well? If so, better hold off on the card.

When in doubt, contact an HR representative for feedback.


When you’ve decided that sending a card would be a considerate, appreciated gesture, remember that the get well soon quotes or wishes are important also. Keep it brief and supportive.

When composing your get well soon messages, it’s best to keep religious expressions out of it, unless you know the person’s religious preferences. “You are in my thoughts and prayers” is generally acceptable. Other specific religious references are not.

Avoid referring to the illness itself, but focus on your feelings about that person. Letting that person know you miss him or her in the workplace is always a nice gesture.

Offer help only if you mean it. If your relationship or lack of time doesn’t fit with offering help, then a simple card will suffice. There are many ways to help without having to offer or even ask. Can you help fill in on tasks at work for your sick co-worker or offer your vacation hours to supplement his or hers.

Speak or write your get well soon messages from the heart. As in all interactions with others, brief, genuine and thoughtful get well soon wishes always trump flashy but insincere gestures. If a card will mean the most, Hammond can help you find the best Get Well Soon Cards available.

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