Thank You Messages for Employees – A Relations Must

Sure, it’s nice to send thank you cards to customers, but we want to focus on the real transformational value of thank-you cards – ones sent to employees. These appreciation cards for employees have the very real ability to transform a company’s attitude, atmosphere, and culture. And, just importantly, they will transform you.

If you haven’t consistently sent thank-you notes to your employees, it’s time to step up. Your business may survive and even have success without this practice, but it will never reach its full potential. If you want to thrive, you must make sending thank you messages for employees a weekly priority.

If you’re new to the thank you card bandwagon, consider these elements:

  • Create a weekly appointment on your calendar to fill out and send cards. This time is as sacred and non-negotiable as an interview, sales call or an internal business meeting. And, best of all, 30 minutes is all you need. You don’t need to set a quota or get everyone thanked in one sitting. Just tackle what you can in the time you have.
  • Get a system down. Organize a space to store your notes, stamps and addresses. Also, consider a simple log to track who received your thank you messages for employees to make sure everyone get their due. Finally, find a space (electronic or on paper) to keep compliments about employees. These compliments help when filling out thank-you notes.
  • When creating appreciation cards for employees, make all cards brief (a few sentences), hand-written and addressed and sent to employees’ homes. All these components make the notes highly personalized.
  • Get vulnerable, in a business sense. These thank-you cards should be genuine, specific and heart-felt. Tell your employees why you admire them, what strengths you see or how they have made a real difference.
  • Be strategic. Start with those employees who you value the most or who have most recently been recognized by customers.

Finally, after sending your thank you message for employees, sit back and watch the relationships at work change. It’s hard to believe that something so simple can have such an effect, but sending thank-you cards works. It really does. If you’re ready to show your appreciation, see what Thank You Cards Hammond has in stock!

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